Hi, my name is

Mostafa Ouagague.

But every one calls me Bleu.

I'm a software engineer based in Paris, France. On my blog I like to write about anything that I am currently working on or something new that interests me. If you would like me to write about something or be a guest blogger on your blog please reach out to me on Twitter.

#.Latest articles

CI/CD using GitHub actions to deploy to Azure

16 April 2020
7 Min read

Get started with automating workflows on your projects using GitHub actions. Personally I find it very convenient to set up CI/CD workflows directly on GitHub without having to rely on an other external tool

Why you should care about structured logging ?

23 March 2020
4 Min read

Being able to diagnose problems in production is very important and for that structured logging is a great way to being able to sort and search through the logs.

Test Automation

10 February 2020
3 Min read

A great place to start when you are thinking about test automation is to understand the automation test pyramid