Hi, my name is

Mostafa Ouagague.

But every one calls me Bleu.

I'm a software engineer based in Paris, France. On my blog I like to write about anything that I am currently working on or something new that interests me. If you would like me to write about something or be a guest blogger on your blog please reach out to me on Twitter.

#.Latest articles

3 New features in C# 9

27 November 2020
4 Min read

.NET 5 was released few weeks ago, and with it we got a new release of C# 9 packed with a bunch of new features, Let's go over 3 of them, see how to use them and identify where they are useful and where you may not want to be using them.

Synthetic or Real User Monitoring ?

6 September 2020
2 Min read

Synthetic Monitoring is all about getting that clean consistent baseline, and Real User Insights is all about capturing the production performance in the wild, and being able to put the two together gives you the full picture into how your application truly behaves for all your users.

End-to-end telemetry using Azure Application Insights

21 June 2020
5 Min read

Implementing a centralized logging and metrics tracking across all your application's components is challenging. Azure Application insights makes this easy and can be integrated with your front-end code and back-end to give you an end-to-end logging and performance analysis.